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Meet Kristal

We all go through phases in life and I have been through my share in the pursuit of doing that thing that will not only lead to my own happiness but will allow me to be a part of guiding others toward peace and happiness in their own lives.


There is something about photography that has given me the opportunity to interact with such a diverse group of people, all fantastic in their own unique ways, and then to witness their interactions with family, friends, coworkers, pets...it brings out even more personality, the nuances. It is a privilege to be a participant in each moment and to try to capture bits and pieces of each person's character in the photographs I take.


I come from a big family and grew up traveling with them around the world to places like Nigeria, Lebanon, Japan, Germany and Tanzania. Now I live in Gilbert, AZ with my 2 dogs, just a few miles away from two of my sisters and their children.‚Äč

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